We will groom you just like Mother Nature turns pupa into a butterfly You have admired others, now let others admire you It is not the celebrities but YOU will be our brand ambassador!

Personality Enhancement & Grooming Skills
  • BRITISH ACADEMY’s Personality Development classes are not only about developing one’s personality, but also training you in vital life skills such as leadership skills, goal setting, time management, stress management, anger management, decision making, creativity, training your senses, confidence building, interaction & communication skills.
  • BRITISH ACADEMY helps its students to identify their goals, focus on them as well as maintain an open mind in their die-hard quest for success in life.
  • BRITISH ACADEMY trains its students to be more open, receptive, effective, loving and a better human being. Our personality development course is a one-of-a-kind course in India, unlike other personality development courses which stress too much on adolescent topics and intense lecture sessions.
  • BRITISH ACADEMY focuses mainly on Quality Interaction and a scientific method of teaching. Our personality development course generates excellent results!
  • Students who join BRITISH ACADEMY’s Public Speaking & Personality Development courses will definitely benefit handsomely in the future. We have many examples of ex-students getting a lots of kudos and achieving all their goals after completing BRITISH ACADEMY courses.

What You Will Gain From Attending Our Personality Development Course…

Development of Your Memory | Develop Your Observation Skills | Know The Habits Of Success | Make a Better First Impression | Learn The Art Of Conversation | Develop A Positive Attitude | Etiquette | Body Language | Dressing Style | Have Better Grooming Skills | Understand Your Personality | Ways To Build Up Your Self Confidence | Handling Your Inferiority Complex | Diet & Nutrition | Winning Friends | Time Management | Interview Skills | Presentation Skills | Developing a Newsline