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Welcome to British Academy

British Academy, Indore, is one of the longest running Spoken English and Personality Development Institutes of Indore. British Academy is majorly known for its brilliant, outstanding and stupendous methodology of Teachings and Trainings. British Academy, Indore, was founded and established way back in the year 2007. The ambience and atmosphere of British Academy, is immensely jovial and amicable. It’s a perfect place to accomplish a genuine command over the English Language. The Trainers and Faculty Members,deeply concentrate on making the student gain appropriate fluency,through numerous interesting and exciting Activities. The Activities,conducted,at British Academy ,helps build the confidence of the student,and,thus,makes a student a Performer.

About Aditi Jaiswal(Director, British Academy)

Mrs. Aditi Jaiswal is the Director and the Chief Trainer of British Academy, Indore. She is a British Council, Certified, IELTS Trainer. She is an International Trainer, with ten years of experience in the field of Soft Skills, Communication Skills, Spoken English and Personality Development trainings. Mrs. Aditi Jaiswal, is an extremely diligent, sincere, profound, talented, creative and and an agile Trainer. She has a very effective and phenomenal style of training the students. She has a lively persona and is the LIFE of British Academy, Indore.

What we have for you!

We intend to touch the life of every single student who comes to to us for coaching, guidance and mentorship through:

Classroom Sessions

Classroom sessions that focus on getting you geared up and easy with all your concepts to face your examinations.

Comprehensive study material

Comprehensive and integrated study material that is developed by subject experts with extensive experience in their domain

Doubt Cell

Our dedicated doubt clearance cell helps student to clarify their queries from our renowned faculty team.

Online Assessments

Best In Class Online Assessment Portal to ensure your preparation is effective and efficient



Rajesh Mishra

I have got a brilliant dimension. This type of classes can help every one because I believe in such sort of programme its really very helpful even I am very much obliged to Aditi mam, she is really a good orator as well as good Trainer.
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Payal Pahuja

Mrs.Aditi jaiswal, the Chief Trainer and Director of British Academy. She is a British Council Certified Ielts Trainer. She has given trainings in various colleges,schools and organisations. She has been the finest techniques  and methodologies to train the students. She uses Fun by Learn methodology to train the students, which is very helpful for the students to learn English language  easily and comfortably.
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Mrs. Reetika Chhabra

I have come across many teachers in my student life. Of them all, Mrs Aditi mam  is my favourite teacher. She  is a woman of letters with profound knowledge in The English language. Her teaching style is very much attractive and effective. She has a flair of speaking English. So I just say she is phenomenal fantastic n philanthropist person .N last but not least she is Demigod of our British academy.
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Kunwar Jitendra Singh

Aditi madam you are too good....you are best....you know how to teach and what to teach....your way of teaching and educational practice and exercises are so practical...and used in every day of life...best wishes....again you are awesome...
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Hemant Kharol

Mrs. Aditi jaiswal is a well qualified trainer in indore. She has given her fantastic training to more than 10,000 students and in high level school and colleges of indore...which includes private and govt. Both...she is grooming around 3000 students now as on all of her days for betterment of their academics and future as well.

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